Hear This Entertainment Podcast, Episode 38, J.R. Byrd


Listen to Now Hear This Entertainment’s podcast on our favorite songwriter, J.R. Byrd! Hear why Texas-based singer/songwriter J.R. Byrd said, “Stealing is the best way to go about a lot of this” and why he’s giving away free music on social media. It’s on this week’s www.NHTE.net (free) podcast.

Indie Music Star Provides Free Downloads, Gets Free Promotion: J. R. Byrd Feature

2014 Happyrnb Feature, J. R. Byrd, Runs Social Media, Sharing Free Downloads with Fans Worldwide

Happyrnb reopened the free promotional door to indie artists sharing messages that heal. The latest of those celebrated artists and September 2014 pick, J.R. Byrd, strikes a strong note with everyday listeners and personal-growth heads, too.

 J.R. sings to the strokes of his own guitar strings, shaping innovate, bluesy, yet hopeful, music that can please listeners with eclectic musical tastes. Even Byrd’s twitter handle suggests a cross-sectional following with Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday audience: [J.R Byrd] “strives to be a beacon of light through song.” It’s with that light on the mountain top inspiration that free downloads currently flow from the social media pages associated with this artist.


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Byrd, whose frequent tour dates appear on his website profiles, is catering to a loyal following online by releasing music for free, garnering additional listeners and, perhaps, a brighter chance of attracting new fans in the process. Followers on his twitter feed may have just a moment’s notice when a new jam is dropped, with comments like this September 16th 2014 tweet to send them running: “I luv to hang out in the sky being that I’m a bird and all, tea 4 two? Download ‘Ascend’ free.” The simple, all be it catchy, bit of news was followed with the relevant link, and no doubt, several more witty and intriguing linguistic gems.

 It’s not just Byrd’s gift with words that has the artist’s audience enraptured, but the consistent delivery of his enduring, enjoyable and lighthearted music. That repertoire has been compared to summertime melodies and colorful tunes from well-known artist Jack Johnson. These unique songs, which his site biography characterizes as a mix of rock n roll and funk, have the distinct elements of music which can become timeless: an enjoyable melody and an inclusive, yet seamless, mix of styles.

With one J. R. Byrd hit gaining attention as a positive songs pick and countless others providing enjoyment for fans worldwide, it’s no wonder the down to earth artist has gone from writing love songs for school yard crushes to adding a bit more sincerity and growth, all without losing the popular appeal which makes that growth spread. While other artists may see this bit of attention as a beacon to contribute positive songs in exchange for some well targeted promotion, the artist’s behavior can additionally suggest the following; share what you have via social media to expand your opportunities.
Byrd is no stranger to this suggestion. His online music-marketing and social media stardom places him in a position to benefit from sharing the best of what he’s made. As an indie artist, a functional “posi-artist” and a former (or current) wooer of crushes with words, it’s a wonder why so many hits are now available for free for new fans and old alike. Wonder or not, while supplies last at least, it’s worth taking a listen and perhaps a download or two as well.

 “September 2014 Pick: Limitless by J.R. Byrd”

“Limitless” is an encouraging song for those who feel the limits of their lives pushing against them, removing their power until they doubt their ability to rise towards the goals that mean the most. “I will make you believe, help you find what’s beneath. I’ll turn your master key.” These lyrics and others suggest that something within you is the creative force behind everything you need and want; all your dreams are possible for you because of your inherent talent and ability.

Believing in your creative power to this degree takes more than the average level of faith, especially when the blocks are real and numerous in your life. Soulful, enjoyable and meaningful songs like this one are more than a great way to pass the time. They’re a way to challenge the impact of the barriers around you, removing their stain until you free free and powerful once more.

Morning Show,” Denton Record Chronicle, July 3, 2014.


Blues-rock-pop artist J.R. Byrd wraps up Twilight Tunes with a special Fourth of July concert at 10 a.m. Friday on the lawn of the Courthouse on the Square, 110 W. Hickory St.  J.R. Byrd’s 10 a.m. concert closes out twilight tunes.

Artist J.R. Byrd takes music seriously.

Himself? Not so much.

This musician has been writing and performing in North Texas for a while now. He dropped his fourth solo record in 2012, a hodgepodge of songs served up on either the guitar or keyboard, which Byrd tackles with equal authority and ease. Byrd brings that Denton summer tradition, Twilight Tunes, to a close on Independence Day. Every other show in the concert series on the Courthouse on the Square lawn starts a bit before sunset on Thursdays. (Tonight’s set by Bone Doggie & the Hickory Street Hellraisers will begin at 6:30 p.m.)

Friday morning, Byrd will bring down the figurative curtain on the concert series after the Yankee Doodle Parade wraps up at about 10 a.m.

His easy-listening tendencies make his live set suitable for tots and grandparents, and yet he doesn’t soft-pedal the rock attitude of “Day in May” or “Robot Monkey.” And try as he might (though he probably doesn’t), Byrd can’t shed the funk and jazz he refined in the jazz studies program at the University of North Texas.

The concert is set to last until 11:30 a.m., and is within walking distance of the Denton Fourth of July Jubilee in Quakertown Park and Denton Civic Center, 321 E. McKinney St.The concert and holiday festivities are free.

Lucinda Breeding

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J.R. Byrd has played nearly every venue in Denton. With a Funky yet Subtle style, J.R. could be best compared to John Mayer with a little more energy! The “Tracks” are some of the most accomplished musicians you will ever hear as well, and together “J.R. Byrd & the Tracks” make a show that you will never forget!

KC Cafe House Concert: J.R. Byrd

March 11, 2013 – Attendees of KC Cafe Radio’s most recent House Concert was treated to an acoustic treat on March 1, when Texas singer/songwriter J.R. Byrd entertained with a program of original tunes.

Originally from the Seattle area, Byrd relocated to Denver as a youth, and eventually ended up in Texas, where he now calls Denton, Texas home. Byrd’s unique style of songwriting comes out of his experience living in diverse parts of the country, as well as inspiration from his family and his observations and musings on life.

We invite you to relive this fun and entertaining evening with J.R. Byrd here!

Main Street Fort Worth Arts Festival, J.R. Byrd Band

The J.R Byrd Band is the most versatile group in the DFW area. Their vocal driven repertoire includes hits by famous artists like Dave Matthews, Prince, U2, Frank Sinatra, Herbie Hancock, and Johnny Cash. This band is filled with bright young players fresh out of the University of North Texas. Their youth provides the music with great energy and creativity.